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Draught proofing is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to cut energy costs in the home, whether you live in a house or a flat. The concept is really simple: stop cold air coming in and prevent warm air from escaping, using things like draught excluders.

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Sash window restoration is the process of fully renovating and refurbishing, replacing all sash cords, replacing all the beading with new and also doing all work that is necessary to ensure the window works as it should. On top of the sash window repair and renovation works the restoration process should also include the complete removal of all the many layers of old paint from both the sliding sash windows and also the box itself. Once the paint has been removed the windows and box can be repaired and re painted. Your old box sash windows can look as good as new!

Renovation of your wooden sash windows is a great alternative to replacement, you may think that because your sash windows are hard to open (or impossible in some cases!) that you need to replace them with new, but this is not always the case. With sash window renovation carried out by an expert sash window repair service your tired dysfunctional sash windows could end up becoming a feature piece for your home. We provide many levels of sash window renovation in Greater London area from basic refurbishment to full renovation which will include replacement catches, lifting hooks and restriction bolts if required. 

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Do you have sash windows that either do not open or are very hard to open? The likely cause of the problem is broken or worn sash cords. We provide sash cord repair or replacement services throughout Greater London area.

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We will assess all windows on an individual basis and will offer you a repair if your windows do not need to be replaced.

Sash window repairs are not easy and need to be carried out by someone who knows exactly what they are doing. Our team are just those people. All window repairers and installers are experienced carpenters, meaning they have a full understanding of a window’s construction. With us, your sash window repair project will run smoothly.


We provide the best quality glass replacement for all kind of windows. In the production of double glazed windows we use a special gas - argon or krypton - between glass for even better insulation of the noise from outside and for better security. Argon is the most commonly used gas, due to its excellent thermal performance and cost-efficiency in comparison to other gases. Argon gas reduces heat loss in double glazing by slowing down convection inside the air space. 

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With sash window refurbishment your sash windows will have a comprehensive mechanical service carried out to address all operational problems and also as part of the refurbishment work we also draught proof the sash windows to ensure over 97% of draughts are eliminated.

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We are experts in keeping a property’s character after replacing sash windows. We will ensure your windows look perfect for your period property. We will fit your windows for you, ensuring a professional approach throughout.

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