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Carpenter at Work

The same like for windows we do Draught proofing service on doors as well. Draught Proofing is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to cut energy costs in the home, whether you live in a house or a flat. The concept is really simple: stop cold air coming in and prevent warm air from escaping, using things like draught excluders.


Wooden door restoration is the process of fully renovating and refurbishing, replacing broken parts and also doing all work that is necessary to ensure the door works as it should. The restoration process should also include the complete removal of all the many layers of old paint. Once the paint has been removed the doors can be repaired and re painted. Doors can look as good as new!

Carpenter Assembling Newly Made Windows

We are experts of manufacturing original and bespoke wooden doors. Anyway, if you get your own doors we are here to fit your doors for you, ensuring a professional approach throughout.

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